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The pleasure of driving a fast car

If you ever have driven a fast car in your life, you will certainly understand me. Driving a fast car can be for some people a status symbol, a way of showing others that you can afford it. But for me it was always something totally different. It is a feeling you never forget…

Driving a fast car is a deep pleasure for all the senses. The very unique roaring sound as it gets started, the smell of the leather seats, the perfect beauty of its shape. And especially this incredible power you feel under your ass and in your whole body, being pressed against your seat while driving the winding roads. It fills your body with vibrant energy, your blood  with speed and adrenalin.

Driving a fast car makes you feel free and believe the world belongs to you. Having something in your hand that has its own life. Very sexy, very wild, very addictive, like a passionate lover you will never forget.

Driving a fast car is like feeling fully alive. Pure bliss. Pure passion.

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